Re: [Evolution] Drag and Drop when creating mailing list

On Thu, 2002-11-07 at 01:18, Tony Earnshaw wrote:
ons, 2002-11-06 kl. 19:57 skrev Hamid:

No one wants to help me regarding following issue ???

Me too, with 1.0.8. But I don't miss it.

Just be glad you don't use the LDAP possibility for mailing lists,
LDAP-based mailing lists don't work at all with Evo. (Actually, by
creating and maintaing them with GQ you can work around this, but don't
tell Chris Toshok, he's supposed to be "working on this.")

It's not like creating them and maintaining them with a different tool
will help with evolution.  You might very well find that your chose
schema isn't easily convertible to the one evolution ends up using (when
it eventually starts doing distribution lists over ldap).  BTW, what
sort of template/objectclasses are you using for them?

Show me an email client that actually does contact lists over ldap (not
active directory) and I'll be happy to interoperate with them.  Show me
a schema that doesn't get the LDAP extremists up in arms and that
doesn't (like groupOfNames) require me to fire of N individual queries
for a list with N entries, and I'll consider using it.

Until you can show me either of these things, or until I can come up
with examples of my own, or until someone orders me to just get this
done regardless of the ramifications of creationg another crappy schema
ala evolutionPerson, this will remain on the back burner as far as I'm

So yes, I am working on this.


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