Re: [Evolution] Drag and Drop when creating mailing list

ons, 2002-11-06 kl. 19:57 skrev Hamid:

No one wants to help me regarding following issue ???

Me too, with 1.0.8. But I don't miss it.

Just be glad you don't use the LDAP possibility for mailing lists,
LDAP-based mailing lists don't work at all with Evo. (Actually, by
creating and maintaing them with GQ you can work around this, but don't
tell Chris Toshok, he's supposed to be "working on this.")



1-When creating a mailing list from existing contacts, it say either
enter the email address or drag and drop a contact. The latter seems
that doesn't work and when I drag a contact from the contacts and drop
it in the List winodw, it return back to its original position. 
2- I want to create a filter to put the incoming emails into a folder
and the filter is based on the sender's name, but the problem is my list
contains 40 people, do I have to punch in 40 different criterion in the
filter window or there is a better way that I am not aware of ?


Tony Earnshaw

So mangt eit ord kunde vori usagt.

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