Re: [Evolution] Syncing Evolution 1.0 with Visor PDA

Yes I have; receive a connection error on the pda and nothing on the
computer.  Nothing different happened after I deleted the .gpilotd

On Tue, Nov 05, 2002 at 01:15:56PM +0100, Anders Näslund wrote:
Have You tried syncing?
I did, and the first time wizard pop'ed up and allowed me to configure.
Don't know if You can force it to a "first time run" by renaming Your
gpilot or MyPilot directory, but try...


tis 2002-11-05 klockan 00.21 skrev Sean Hendershot:

I just received a Visor pda and have not been able to sync it with
evolution yet.  Gnome-pilot is installed but I cannot run pilot-applet
to configure it.  I am using a gnome2 desktop and gnomecc (from gnome1) 
is not installed.  Is there a workaround to fix this or another to
enable syncing with evolution?



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