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I've just tried evolution 1.1.90. The changes from 1.0.x are really great, thanks !
But - as always - some things could be improved and here's my list:

- With imap folders containing lots of mails, it still takes some time (1 minute for
some folders) before one can see the mail list the first time the folder is opened
after evolution is started (evolution says "Opening folder ..."). I don't see this
problem with other MUA. I thought the "faster indexer" would solve that, but it didn't.

- I followed the threads about imap trash and I thought the problems would be solved
with 1.1.90. But the way evolution handles imap accounts still doesn't seem natural:
there are 2 trashes (the imap one and the evolution one - that could confuse
newcomers), and I didn't see an option to directly move deleted mails to the imap trash
and getting rid of the evolution trash. When you use imap you don't need/want a local
trash folder. I think imap accounts should 1) not have an evolution trash 2) let the
user choose his/her imap trash folder (where (s)he chooses the imap sent and drafts
folders) 3) automatically move deleted mails to the imap trash folder. Even if it's
slower, it's the way imap works.

- When a folder is sorted "Ascending", evolution should by default go to the bottom of
the mail list, because it's where newer mails are.

- It would be great to have an option to propagate the From/Subject/Date/... column
widths to all the folders. When one has dozens of folders, it's a pain to change the
widths in each folder.

- A "select all" option would be helpful when selecting offline folders.

- It would be nice to have an option making evolution word wrap plain text mails at a
specified column.

- I had some problems selecting the "Emacs" shortcut type and unselecting
"Automatically insert smiley images": I had to open the preferences dialog, make _only_
these changes and close the dialog. If I changed other options, evolution reverted to
"Microsoft" and the smiley images were still selected.


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