Re: [Evolution] Request for additions/corrections in Evolution

On Mon, 2002-05-27 at 13:52, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:

remember that GtkHTML is not a plain-text editor, it is an HTML editor.
Which means that you must convert plain-text back into HTML. This is a
non-perfect translation. There's no way to make it perfect, which is why
we now save drafts in HTML always (even if you choose to only send
plain-text mail) this way formatting is preserved.

There are times when I need to do some non-trivial editing on a
forwarded message (usually a horribly re-quoted joke). My practice has
been to save to a file, then edit that and insert it as an inline text
attachment. Alas, the saved copy has HTML formatting, so my first task
is to strip that out. Is there some way to streamline this?

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