Re: [Evolution] I just deleted the VFolder "unmatched" and seem to have deleted almost everything else.....

You're not the first, but people never do it again.  Maybe we should
just remove that 'feature', i'd love to remove it, the code is hairy.

As stated elsewhere, if you haven't expunged/emptied trash, just go
there and undelete it all.  If you have, well, thats unfortunate.

On Tue, 2002-05-14 at 02:52, Paul Hands wrote:

A cautionary tail and perhaps a plea for help.........

I was experimenting with VFolders and doing some general mailbox
housekeeping on my exchange connector account.  While paying attention
to a phone call, I accidentally clicked delete on the "unmatched"
VFolder instead of the one next to it.  Now, my inbox, and some other
folders are empty.  Some of the messages showed up in the deleted items
folder but a whole lot have just evaporated. That's most of my important
emails since January :-(

1. Don't delete that VFolder
2. Is there any way back (I doubt it, but...)?


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