Re: [Evolution] a couple of issues

Am Don, 2002-05-09 um 21.22 schrieb Richard Bellavance:
On Thu, 2002-05-09 at 14:26, Xavier Bestel wrote:
> Easily doable: in your ppp script you put a "demand"
> No need to tweak Evo !
> consult your pppd documentation for more info.
Thank you, but I'm well aware how to setup auto-dialing :)
But: Using this method any tool which is requesting stuff from the internet would trigger
the connection. Since i do not have a flat-rate this is not acceptable for me :(
And I'm ways to lazy to trace any bloody daemon which keeps triggering autodial hehe.

What i was talking about was an option to select a shell script which is run by evo each time it
is fetching mail. This shell script would then dial into the internet and maybe do other things
(ie sync incoming mails with another computer if you don't use IMAP)

I'm not a friend of Microsoft'isch behavior in applications, too.
But i cant see how such an option would be dangerous.
MS made the error to use Internet Explorer (TM) to display HTML content, so each bloody bug in IE
can be exploited by email.

If you like it or not: When Evolution becomes a mainstream product and is used by 10th of thousands of people, cracker will find bugs that can be exploited by email. Its only a question of time if you ask me.

Fully agreed !  No need for Microsoft-ish hackish feature creep here ;-)

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