Re: [Evolution] printer configuration

If you set $PRINTER=defaultlp server in the user's environment, using
LPRng, it does the same thing. Which solves the current issue. But it
would be nice to give the user a choice. 

On Fri, 2002-06-28 at 08:41, Dominic Amann wrote: Anders Näslund wrote:

    If You set up Your users with CUPS printing, it will automagical send
    the "lpr" command to the default CUPS printer.
    However, You will not be able to select which CUPS printer (as in
    OpenOffice)...but it's a start.
From what I read, the person does not necessarily need the printers
automagically detected (a dificult task, apparently).  Could there not
simply be an interface where an administrator could manually list a
number of printers by specific *nix commands, and the user interface
would then pick from this list in a drop down. This list could be stored
in an evo-specific file such as "evo_printers", which defaults to 
containing say, lpr?


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