Re: [Evolution] printer configuration


If You set up Your users with CUPS printing, it will automagical send
the "lpr" command to the default CUPS printer.
However, You will not be able to select which CUPS printer (as in
OpenOffice)...but it's a start.


tor 2002-06-27 klockan 14.21 skrev Not Zed:

Not really.  Its more of a Unix issue.  Unix provides little in the way
of services of specifying printers and printer options.  Most other unix
applications, such as mozilla/netscape work in a similar fashion, as any
unix could be using any command to print using any syntax to specify the

On Fri, 2002-06-28 at 01:22, DuWayne R Holsbeck wrote:
is there any way to configure evolution to print to a specific printer,
other than typing "lpr -Plp whatever" in the printer box? When I open
the print window, the only selections are printer(lpr) or file. I have
some users that are not able to handle typing in there passwords, let
alone a real command ;-) I have many network printers, and it would be
really nice to let them choose between them, and set up one of the
printers as default. I searched the Ximian site's faqs and knowlegbase
but came up empty.

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