Re: [Evolution] IMAP taking forever to load

On Wed, 2002-06-19 at 15:03, Julian Florance wrote:

If I didn't care about people being able to tell when and where I read
their message from [by seeing when I loaded the image off their site, by
reading their message], I would keep the option turned on. 

It would be quite annoying always having to select
View|Message-Display|Load-Images option if you receive a lot of graphic

This doesn't affect emails with pictures embedded in them.  It only
affects html messages with external images which are not part of the
message.  So all those pretty mails from the art department render quite

So i always have it turned off and all i really miss out on is spam
costing me even more money to view, and the occasional forwarded web
page for which the graphics are usually not required anyway.

As for the original problem, we're using gnome-vfs, which seems to have
a whole host of threading bugs (or maybe we're using it wrong - i mean,
how could you expect a multithreaded library to actually function in a
multithreaded application), which often causes hangs.  e.g.

On Wed, 2002-06-19 at 13:54, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
All I can say is turn off the Always-load-Images option. It's doubtful
that you really want this anyway?


On Tue, 2002-06-18 at 17:38, Dominic Amann wrote:
Further to a message I left earlier about some graphic IMAP messages 
hanging evolution, I have discovered that messages which contain links 
to graphics which are on defunct http servers will case evolution to 
hang indefinitely when reading IMAP mail, and furthermore, although the 
interface appears responsive, nothing else really works after that.

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