Re: [Evolution] Setting email reminders

Ian Forde [ian wrench jeigh com] wrote:
Now, on the extreme other hand, if we used a script to send an email
reminder, how would we access the text of the appointment?  Is it piped
to STDIN?  (Now *that* would be cool!  This way we'd know what we're
forgetting when it hits the pager/email/kitten/whatever...

I guess I'm kind of agreeing and disagreeing with you on this... not
really sure...

I think running a program is great--but then why have a separate
functionality to play a sound?  Isn't that the same redundancy?  It
think it's just a matter of providing a simple interface for the more
common case.

In terms of email, I think having the Summary info and the
date/time/location of the appointment is critical to the email being
useful (sometimes I check my email but don't have X available or
Evolution running).  Also, Evolution already has a contact list so
choosing who gets notified can leverage that info.


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