Re: [Evolution] signatures again

On Mon, 2002-07-22 at 01:11, Not Zed wrote:
The signature option is on the editor, its pretty hard to miss.

What do you mean, is there an option to turn of this autogenerated
signature?  I have used teh evolution editor to create a simple text
sig, but evolution is adding something totaly different...

Also, the preferences scrolling menu thingy (not quite the shortcut bar)
is sometimes grabbing all mouse input, so that I cant close teh window
or actiavate any others...  I have to go to one of  the virtual text
terminals and killev.  Mostly (allways?) it seems to be when I have
tried to edit teh summary prefs...

Wow, your summary prefs work!?

Oh hell no, it causes teh widget to playup...

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