[Evolution] Evolution "forgot" my password


I've been using Evolution for a couple of weeks now. I've set my meil
settings so that Evolution "remembers" my password, so I can press F9 or
the "Send/Receive" button to check my mail.

Just a couple of minutes ago though I got a pop-up asking for my
password, after typing the password, retrieving the new messages
appeared to take longer than usual (there was only 1 new message), so I
pressed the "cancel all" button and tried again.

I was again asked for my password but this time retrieving the message
went as fast as usual.

I am having some problems with my ADSL connection (it gets disconnected
from time to time but usually reconnects fine), so I was wondering if
this is a security function or a bug or a problem with my provider?

Any help would be appreciated!

p.s. while typing the message I was again asked for my password (I have
the auto-retrieve function enabled)

I'm using RH7.3 and evolution 1.0.3 (I have downloaded the 1.0.8 version
but haven't installed it yet)


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