Re: [Evolution] Arbitrary (way to modify) 'From' when composing

On Wed, 2002-07-10 at 14:44, Peter Williams wrote:

On Wed, 2002-07-10 at 14:47, ximian com ragweed net wrote:
Is there a voting process or some other way to recommend this feature?

Thanks very much - Evolution is a great app. ;)

As Jeff said, there's no real point to being able to make a custom from
address when you can create more mail accounts. Basically, the only
thing a From address wins you is making it easy to forge email
addresses, which is something we'd prefer to make less convenient, not


I have everything to my personal domain forwarded to a single account.
That way I can use ebay mydomain tld, amazon mydomain tld,
evolution-hackers mydomain tld and so forth on the fly, and still only
have one Inbox. I want to be able to see when SPAM arrives where it was
addressed so I can see who is leaking. It is a ridiculous waste of time
for me to create mail accounts every single time I enter my email
address somewhere online (and I do it a LOT).

As far as the SMTP, just make a default option. If evo can't match the
from: line up to a specific personality, either have it default to a
predetermined SMTP server, or prompt for a choice.
Brad Felmey

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