Re: [Evolution] FRQ: Pipe incoming mail through AntiVirus tools

Le jeu 11/07/2002 à 14:15, Matthias Hentges a écrit :
Am Don, 2002-07-11 um 13.44 schrieb Xavier Bestel:
Le jeu 11/07/2002 à 13:21, Matthias Hentges a écrit :
Using a filter to scan mails for viruses would be a damn great thing to
see in Evolution.

I can't see the point: I've never heard of any (real) virus on Linux.
And Evolution isn't to be ported to Windows.

Well you are right. Today there are very few Linux viruses (but they
*do* exist). The point is that when Linux becomes more mainstream,
people *will* write a whole sh*tload of viruses. And IMO its only a
question of time that someone finds a way to use a buffer overflow /
some bug in a mail-reading software for linux to spread worms.

Free software hasn't the same life cycle as proprietary software. If a
new virus/security breach appears, I'll have a fixed version of
Evolution in my Debian repository quicker than you'll have updated your
antivirus thing ...


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