Re: [Evolution] FRQ: Pipe incoming mail through AntiVirus tools

Is this like a filter you use on a piece of email, or is it a delivery
system?  If it is a delivery system it doesn't really make a lot of

In 1.1.x we have a mechanism whereby you can pipe a message into an
external program/script and you can then test the return code in a
filter, and then use the filter action to do things based on this return
code (well a yes/no code anyway).  You could have this process mail and
return 'failure' or something.

Eventually we'll have another filter action, whereby messages can be
piped through a program (in and out again) which can re-write headers
and so forth if it desires.

I dont think we'll be contemplating other mechanisms.

On Thu, 2002-07-11 at 00:32, Matthias Hentges wrote:
Hello All!

Is there a way to pipe incoming mail (downloaded by Evolution) through
AntiVirus software? Like mail downloaded by fetchmail can be forwarded
to AV tools which then forwards it to sendmail for delivery?

Having such an integrated solution for Evolution would be really nice.
(since getting mail with fetchmail kinda sucks hehe)


Matthias Hentges


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