Re: [Evolution] FRQ: Pipe incoming mail through AntiVirus tools


Am Mit, 2002-07-10 um 13.59 schrieb Not Zed:

Is this like a filter you use on a piece of email, or is it a delivery
system?  If it is a delivery system it doesn't really make a lot of

Well i think it should work like a filter, yes.
In 1.1.x we have a mechanism whereby you can pipe a message into an
external program/script and you can then test the return code in a
filter, and then use the filter action to do things based on this return
code (well a yes/no code anyway).  You could have this process mail and
return 'failure' or something.

Ah great. I guess this will be in the 1.2 stable release?

Eventually we'll have another filter action, whereby messages can be
piped through a program (in and out again) which can re-write headers
and so forth if it desires.

That would work for virus scanning, too

Using a filter to scan mails for viruses would be a damn great thing to
see in Evolution.


Matthias Hentges


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