Re: [Evolution] Changing the Date format

tir, 2002-07-09 kl. 15:31 skrev Ben FrantzDale:

Just a quick beginner's Q: I'm in Europe where the date format is
DD/MM/YYYY (as opposed to the American MM/DD/YYYY format). How can I
get evolution to use dates in the European format (DD/MM/YYYY)?

Nobody has responded to this so I'll give it a shot. 
I thought this was configurable somewhere for all gnome applications, or
perhaps that it was based on the locale. Unfortunately, I'm really not
Can someone else answer this?

Yes, though I'd actually signed up for something else. New list user,
though *very* keen Evolution user since the very first 1.0.0 was

You wouldn't believe it from my surname, but I'm Norwegian. As such,
I've told my Red Hat 7.2 machine to use no_NN/no_NY as i18n
locales/LANG. Consequently, because the Norwegian no_NO translators have
done a fantastic job, my whole Evolution is in Norwegian Bokmaal (one of
the 2 written variants of Norwegian). Not only that, but I have European
dates, European time, European decimal separators, everything.




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