[Evolution] Missing Calendar, Tasks, Contacts and Sync Problems

        I've encountered a very strange problem.  I fired up evolution to find
that my calendar, tasks and contacts were all empty.  Actually, the
status bar at the bottom says opening file, but never seems to do so.  I
looked at the files manually and they are all fine, and the permissions
on them are fine as well.  Before I realized that the information was
still there, I tried to get it out of my visor through gpilotd. 
However, gpilotd just hung at Pre-Sync: Address Book and the visor says
the connection was lost.  Also, before I realized the info was still
there, I removed all of the palm-* files in the various evolution
directories, trying to force a complete replacement of the evolution
files.. I sense now that perhaps this is bad.  What should I do from
this point?


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