Re: [Evolution] biff & evo

On Thu, 2002-07-04 at 14:04, Francisco Sant'Anna wrote:

I didn't find a good solution to integrate my biff like program with

I download the messages with fetchmail to mbox and when one arrives the
biff icon shows up.

The problem is that after I read, the biff continues to indicate that
there's new mail.

Well, what is it using to detect this?

Reading the archives I could see that there's the also the problem of
the folder's updates, which is very annoying.

What do you mean?  You mean storing message attributes to disk so they
dont get lost when you shutdown - is annoying, as opposed to "necessary
basic feature"?

How do you do to workaround this ?
And will this be "fixed" soon ?

I really liked evolution, but these problems are very annoying.

Well it depends somewhat on what your 'biff' is doing.

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