Re: [Evolution] biff & evo

I don't particularly see this as our problem. Constantly syncing the
mesage flags can become quite a performance hit as it requires a fair
bit of I/O and so we only sync when we need to.

This would be especially bad over NFS.


On Thu, 2002-07-04 at 00:34, Francisco Sant'Anna wrote:

I didn't find a good solution to integrate my biff like program with

I download the messages with fetchmail to mbox and when one arrives the
biff icon shows up.

The problem is that after I read, the biff continues to indicate that
there's new mail.

Reading the archives I could see that there's the also the problem of
the folder's updates, which is very annoying.

How do you do to workaround this ?
And will this be "fixed" soon ?

I really liked evolution, but these problems are very annoying.


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