Re: [Evolution] i dont want to read html mail

Well well.  Another AMAZING feature laying latent.  This is too cool.

On Tue, 2002-01-29 at 05:41, Xavier Bestel wrote:
le mar 29-01-2002 à 14:23, Kenneth MacDonald a écrit :
"Xavier" == Xavier Bestel <n0made free fr> writes:

    Xavier> le mar 29-01-2002 à 00:00, Zot O'Connor a écrit :
    >> This would be a nice option.  I have a very high res screen and
    >> often windows' based HTML generated email is way too small.
    >> being able to view "Plain" with an HTML button would be great.
    >> Also it would improve security (no javascript attacks, etc.).

    Xavier> Here too, HTML mail is always too small to read. And if I
    Xavier> adjust the font size in gtkhtml, then other things in
    Xavier> gtkhtml (and html mail composing) is too big.

Mozilla has a nice feature to use ^+ and ^- to increase and decrease
font sizes.  Now that I'm used to it, I miss it in the rest of the

Works for me in Evolution too. And the ctrl-mousewheel works in Evo and


Zot O'Connor

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