Re: [Evolution] Migrating data after Evolution reinstall

On Tue, 2002-01-08 at 15:53, Leonardo Eguren wrote:
Hello, I have my new computer (a Vaio PCG-SR17) but
when I try to copy my previous evolution data to new
system and it do not work propertly.

        I just fixed a similar problem in my3-day old Evolution 1.0 install. It
just up and "forgot" about all the data in my Contacts and Calendar
section. To fix it, ironically, took the advice from Jim Meyer in the
other thread I just responded to.
        So, to start, I have copies of addressbook.db and calendar.ics in a
safe place. (I don't think the other files matter as much, but you might
want to store 'em away, too. I was damned lucky, having just copied them
out this AM to take to work for printing and studying of the formats.)
        Shut down Evolution. Stay as the regular user, and crank up a xterm.
Run killev (warning, there's no --help for this, I found this out the
hard way) and then oaf-slay (there is a -h for this one, and it explains
basically what it does.)  I then ran ps -A as root to make sure it was
all gone.
        Copy the *.db and *.ics files to their appointed places. Restart
Evolution. Watch your data pop back into place. And, for me, wonder how
the heck I lost them in the first place!

        I hope this is of aid to you. Despite my varied issues with Evolution,
I'm taking to it hard. :)

Thank You


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