Re: [Evolution] Euro =?windows-1251?Q?=28=88=29?= support in 1.0

I finally managed to get the Euro sign working in the compose window
(and in most other X apps, GTK or Xt). The problem appears to be that if
the LANG variable is set to some locale that uses iso-8859-1 instead of
iso-8859-15 (e.g., en_US), no Euro can be typed, even if the character
set in the compose window is set to iso-8859-15. BTW, this is also the
case with any other app (e.g. xterm). I would say that this is a bug in
glibc locale definitions. The only english locale based on iso-8859-15
that I could find is en_IE euro (Ireland), so I changed to that (i.e.
LANG=en_IE euro) and now I can type the Euro sign even though I'm using
english :-)

This is different for me. My locale definition from env:

[~] $ env | grep LANG
[~] $        

Still I AM able to type the euro sign in xterm, and just about every gtk
dialog (funny thing, it doesn't work e.g. in gedit's text area). But it
doesn't work in evolutions composer, neither the To:, Cc: nor the body.


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