Re: [Evolution] Upgrade to 1.2

On Mon, 2002-12-30 at 19:14, Stephen Kuhn wrote:
On Mon, 2002-12-30 at 17:48, Ronald Watts wrote:
> I have been using a manually-installed version of Evolution 1.0.8
> under SuSE 7.3, and decided to install Red Carpet to upgrade to 1.2. 
> The problem is that the "upgrade" feature in Red Carpet thinks that I
> am up to date, and it will not proceed with the 1.2 upgrade. 

If you're using RedCarpet, choose the option that takes you to the
install page - then you can choose all the bits and pieces to Evo 1.2.1
and let it do the upgrade...been there done that already...
Thanks, Stephen.  When I do just that, I get the message:

"All packages...are already installed on your system", even though they're not. 

On doing a little more homework, it appears that SuSE 7.3 is NOT supported for Ev 1.2 - you have to upgrade to 8.1.  At least, that's my interpretation of what's available on the ftp sites.  So maybe Red Carpet is being more intelligent than I gave it credit for...


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