Re: [Evolution] Problems displaying HTML messages

On Thu, 2002-12-12 at 10:44, Nuno Pereira wrote:
I had this problem back with 1.0.8 (on RH 8.0), but it went away with

If I were you I'd remove ~/.gnome/gtkhtml and verify that you have the
latest rpms (for gtkhtml) through redcarpet.

I would love to, but I don't have such a directory...

I will try removing Evolution completely and re-installing (yes, I know,
it's a MS-minded approach, but hey - it might work) ;-)

OK, I've tried removing Evolution completely and all the gnome-libs
needed, re-installed, removed again, re-installed Evolution 1.0.8,
removed, re-upgraded to 1.2, deleted my evolution folder...

You get the picture.

It still does not display HTML messages, and it did not display it
either in 1.0.8.

Am I the only one having this problem?


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