Re: [Evolution] Problems displaying HTML messages

On Wed, 2002-12-11 at 09:15, Nuno Pereira wrote:

I've seen a few reports on similar problems in the list, but couldn't
find yet a real answer. I suspect a configuration problem, so am
hesitant to report it as a bug.

The problem I have is that some HTML messages I receive and even
messages I create are not displayed by Evolution. Instead, it shows me a
blank page.

If I look at the message source I can see the text.

I think most of those messages originate from Outlook clients, but I
find it very strange that messages _created by me_ cannot be displayed.

Anyone has any clue?

I had this problem back with 1.0.8 (on RH 8.0), but it went away with

If I were you I'd remove ~/.gnome/gtkhtml and verify that you have the
latest rpms (for gtkhtml) through redcarpet.

I'm using Evolution 1.2 on RH 8.0, in KDE.


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