Re: [Evolution] BCC self?

On Tue, 2002-04-16 at 06:32, Spencer Cheng wrote:
Because it is not always the same folder. I mainly do this to keep track
of threaded discussions I might have. I currently have filters on
incoming email (evolution goes into it's own folder). So it would be
nice if my reply to an message from the Evolution folder (like this one)
is filed in the same Evolution folder.

I have a solution, but it's not quite fixed yet I belive (bugzilla

What I do is use vFolders. for example for work I create a normal Folder
for all my clients, I then use vFolders for each individual client, in
the vFolder setup I have at least two rules.

one is sender contains "someone some place" and the other is recipients
contains "someone some place" and then I include the sent folder in the
vFolder sources.

This works except that every time I restart evolution the sent mails are
not showing in the vFolders.  To make them show I have to do a bogus
edit for each vfolder.  I do TOOLS->Vitrual Folder Editor and select the
required vFolder, press the edit button, on the dialog that pops up I
just press the ok button then the vfolder will show the sent mails.

It's a pain in the ass but obviously it will one day be fixed by the
evolution guys.


  Rob  Brown-Bayliss

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