Re: [Evolution] BCC self?

On Mon, 2002-04-15 at 11:46, Brett Johnson wrote:
On Mon, 2002-04-15 at 08:48, Spencer Cheng wrote:

How do I generate a copy to myself of a message I sent in the folder I
sent the message from? It currently gets left in the Sent folder and
it's a pin to go and sort it out later. It would be much better if I can
leave a copy in the current folder.

This is a PITA, and it's less preferable to a simple BCC: header, but
here's what I do.

Create an outgoing filter with the criteria "Sender contains spencer"
(or something like that), and the actions "Move to folder INBOX".  It
doesn't actually send the message through your MTA (like BCC: would), so
you don't get confirmation that your MTA is working, but at least it
automatically drops the message in your inbox.

why not just change the folder it gets put into?

go into the special folder settings under the mail account.

just change where sentmail goes

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