Re: [Evolution] BCC self?

On Mon, 2002-04-15 at 10:48, Spencer Cheng wrote:

Hi Folks,

How do I generate a copy to myself of a message I sent in the folder I
sent the message from? It currently gets left in the Sent folder and
it's a pin to go and sort it out later. It would be much better if I can
leave a copy in the current folder.

I've gone through all the options and settings and couldn't find

I could be wrong (and if so, I'm sure someone will correct me), but it
seems unlikely to me that this is possible since, for example, one can
send mail without having *any* "current folder," at least in the mail
sense (by, for example, pressing Shift-Control-M from the Calendar).

You could at least partially simulate this behavior by setting
appropriate outgoing filter rules, however; for example, you can filter
mail to mailing lists based on destination address relatively easily...


Russell Steinthal               Columbia Law School, Class of 2002
<rms39 columbia edu>            Columbia College, Class of 1999
<steintr nj org>                UNIX System Administrator,

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