Re: [Evolution] smtp & nat = mailbox unavailable

On Wed, 2002-04-10 at 11:03, wrote:
yeah. just figured it out.  i didn't fully test and deserve the day
worth of pain.  what a crappy coincidence though.

so why does it have to store the server in the header?  or more key, why
does the header have to be generated when put in the outbox?

i'm not complaining really, just honestly curious.

Its pretty simple.  Because you can have multiple outgoing addresses
(and servers) it stores the correct one in the message because its a
convenient place to put it.  Maybe it should just store the account, and
lookup the destination at sending time, but then what happens if the
account dissapears, etc.

it also brings up another question.  i opened the messages manually and
sent them "now" then just deleted them from my outbox.  but the outbox
still said i had (2) unread messages in it.  it only went to 0 after i
put another send later message in there and then sent it.

Its just a bug I guess.

sorry if that stuff has been asnwered. i didn't see any refs to it.

thanks for the quick reply jeffrey!

On Tue, 2002-04-09 at 21:25, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
Are the messages you are trying to send in the Outbox? If so, edit the
mbox file and remove the X-Evolution-Transport header (or else change it
to the new url).


On Tue, 2002-04-09 at 20:42, wrote:
hi all,
  i know similar questions have been asked before. i've been trying to fix 
this for two days.
i'm using evolution 1.0.3.

i can send mail just fine with mozilla but get mailbox unavailable with 
i'm using the same smtp server with both.  i'm pretty sure it's a 
relaying prohibited error.
i was using evolution just fine for weeks and then all of a sudden, no luck.

i think i can no longer use the pop server of my isp for smtp.  so i 
switched the outgoing mail server to the actual smtp server.
( i had to change to the new server in mozilla)

what i think is happening is that evolution is still using the old 
setting even though the setting dialog says the new server.
anyone have similar probs or maybe a solution?
i tried restarting after changing the setting, and even putting in a new 
account all together.  no luck.
i don't get it.


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