[Evolution] smtp & nat = mailbox unavailable

hi all,
i know similar questions have been asked before. i've been trying to fix this for two days.
i'm using evolution 1.0.3.

i can send mail just fine with mozilla but get mailbox unavailable with evolution. i'm using the same smtp server with both. i'm pretty sure it's a relaying prohibited error.
i was using evolution just fine for weeks and then all of a sudden, no luck.

i think i can no longer use the pop server of my isp for smtp. so i switched the outgoing mail server to the actual smtp server.
( i had to change to the new server in mozilla)

what i think is happening is that evolution is still using the old setting even though the setting dialog says the new server.
anyone have similar probs or maybe a solution?
i tried restarting after changing the setting, and even putting in a new account all together. no luck.
i don't get it.


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