Re: [Evolution] [Fwd: e-mail client of dreams]

On Sat, 2002-04-06 at 13:20, Michael Rothwell wrote:
On Sat, 2002-04-06 at 12:46, iain wrote:
Interesting, although Evolution can do, or does a few of these, some of
the ideas are a bit "iffy" IMO.

A few are actually good ideas.

3) Built-in instant messaging
ICQ integrates with Outlook. It would be nice if there were an API for
integrating Gabber, Gaim, etc. with Evolution.

There is some IM work on a branch on CVS.  Anyone would be welcome to
finish it.  :-)  We have been thinking about this for a while; we just
don't have enough time to do it.

5) Integrated PGP encryption
Got it! Woo! But the integration could be a little tighter. This is
probably as much a problem with GnuPG as Evo.

Yeah.  The right way to do it would be to integrate the keys into the
addressbook (and make that general enough that you can implement S/MIME
encryption on top of that too), and somehow link that to the pgp key

We thought about it for 1.2 but it is non-trivial to do it right. 
Again, another possible task for people who are willing to help.  :-)

9) All-powerful right-clicking
It would be nice if Evo included a "flag for follow-up." These flags
would be one more thing to include in the "mouseover contact
information" popup.

We have a flag for follow-up feature on the unstable version now.


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