Re: [Evolution] [Fwd: e-mail client of dreams]

On Sat, 2002-04-06 at 12:46, iain wrote:
Interesting, although Evolution can do, or does a few of these, some of
the ideas are a bit "iffy" IMO.

A few are actually good ideas.

3) Built-in instant messaging
ICQ integrates with Outlook. It would be nice if there were an API for
integrating Gabber, Gaim, etc. with Evolution.

4) Calendar-linked autoresponse
This one isn't a bad idea either, if it's a preference for each "out of
office" calendar item. This kind of thing would work better with
cooperation from the mail server(s). A way for Evolution to store
filtering preferences for, say, procmail, server-side would be
intresting. Maybe we could take a page from MSFT and just store the
filters as specially-formatted email messages. Perhaps a "filters"
folder, and/or a special "filters" message in each folder.

5) Integrated PGP encryption
Got it! Woo! But the integration could be a little tighter. This is
probably as much a problem with GnuPG as Evo.

7) Mouseover contact information
This one isn't bad, either. Maybe the popup could include the subject
and date of the last message received from this person, as well as
today's calendar items involving this person, and current IM presence.

9) All-powerful right-clicking
It would be nice if Evo included a "flag for follow-up." These flags
would be one more thing to include in the "mouseover contact
information" popup.

10) Easy-access message templates
This is a nice feature. Evo currently has an "inline text file" option,
which is sort of the same thing. But maybe it could provide a way to put
commonly-used inserts on the menu: insert... text... (items). Maybe Evo
could store these as another type of specially-formatted email message,
so that IMAP users can have them be portable.

Bonus) Peer-to-peer document sharing
People use Outlook to send files around to people all the time. MSFT
even optimized for this behavior by storing attachments only once in
Exchange server. Sans a central database-enabled mail server, Eudora's
peer-to-peer method seems like a good idea. This might be a chance for
Nautilus, Evolution and other Gnome-VFS apps to cooperate. I.e., push
this "shared/synced folder" functionality down into the gnome-vfs layer,
so that items can be accessed, added, and removed from any gnome-vfs
app. Distributed filesystem on the cheap.

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