Re: [Evolution] Possible memory leak somewhere in evolution-mail

You could try using 'memprof' on evolution-mail (you run 'memprof
evolution-mail' before starting evolution) to try and track down what is
eating so much memory.  We do occasionally but I certainly dont
experience that problem with evolution (but i am using an earlier

On Tue, 2002-04-09 at 23:41, Pascal DeMilly wrote:
I noticed that since 1.0.3 or so, if I leave Evolution loaded for a day
without exiting, slowly it eats up my whole swap memory. I have a lot of
IMAP folders, one for each mailing list I subscribe to. My IMAP server
is on the same system. Looking with gtop at the swap memory usage I see
that the memory used by imapd and other applications is pretty constant,
only evolution-mail increases from time to time, even if I am not doing
anything with it for example overnight.  Restarting Evolution clears it.

I get Evolution from Red-Carpet previews. Is it linked to ElectricFence
or other memory allocation debugging libraries that I use to help
pinpoint the problem ?



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