[Evolution] wishlist items

Are any of these items in the works for Evo?

1) Ability to auto-add an appointment (w/pop-up reminder)
   to the calendar when adding a Task that has a due date

2) Have a drop-down menu in the "Categories" field of the Tasks
   section when you use the QuickEntry one-liner   (and you
   don't have a "Category is ..." set).  Something that tries to match 
   your text, as you type, to an existing Category would be great

3) Have the appointments automatically use the Summary text field 
when creating a pop-up reminder.  my goal is to have an iCal/GnomeCal 
equivalent. Simple popup with a beep like an alarm clock

4) If a contact is a manager, have a field in their record (which is
auto-populated by your other contacts that have this particular contact
in their Manager field) that lists their "direct reports". Also, when
adding people's managers (in a Contact's Manager field), have Evo
suggest Contact matches as it does when you are addressing an email.

5) for mail filters, have an easy way to set a specific filter to always
be last, so when you add new filters, they will always go in front of
this chosen filter.

Thanks much........and I love Evolution! 


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