Re: [Evolution] Pilot conduits / Control center problem

On Sat, 2001-09-29 at 01:12, C. Michael McCallum wrote:

Hi Guys,

I had the exact same problem, and after talking with Matt at ximian,
I put a new distro on my Powerbook (from LinuxPPC to YellowDog).  Now
I get all the correct things coming up in the new gtkhtml CC.

A new distro of what ?  Surely you don't mean replacing RedHat by
YellowDog ?

Did you install the control-center-plus rpm?

Yep, that gave me the "Advanced" section in the Control Center, but when
I click on any icon in there, nothing happens except that "Can't connect
to the control-center" message on the console :-(

I still have a problem, but I can sync (see another message).

Not having access to the conduit setup applet, I have not tried syncing

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