[Evolution] Pilot conduits / Control center problem


I have tried using the new GTK+ based control center to finally be able
to sync my Palm with Evolution, but I am unable to access the conduit
configuration in said control center.  In fact, I can't get anything
under the "Advanced" section to work.  All I get when I click on an item
is the message "Can't connect to control-center" on my console...

Anybody else encounter this problem (I'm on RedHat 6.2) ?

Apart from that, everything looks *great*.  The message count issue
seems to be fixed now (I did have to delete and recreate a couple of
folders to "fix" them), and it's been a while since Evo crashed on me
while reading-deleting lots of mail.  Kudos to the Evolution team !

Richard Bellavance                     Cognicase I.S.P.
                                       Phone:  (514) 732-8000 #4153
Systems Administrator/                 Fax:    (514) 732-8021

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