Re: [Evolution] Pilot Sync Error/Gnome Control Center: Conduits missing!!!

To get all the other capplets you need to download control-center-plus
package from RD.

I don't have a palm pilot so I cannot answer your 1st question.



On Wed, 2001-09-26 at 21:28, DCA Information wrote:
Used RedCarpet to update to Evolution 0.14 and Gnome Control Center
1.5.7 on RH 7.1.

1. I'm getting the following error (probably occurred in 0.13 as well)
while syncing. It looks like it's happening during a recurring event
which occurs the first Monday of every month. After the text of the note
attached to the event I get the following in the .gnomerc-errors file:

  '] to desktop
  ecalconduit-ERROR **: file calendar-conduit.c: line 329 (nth_weekday):
assertion failed: (pos > 0 && pos <= 5)

2. Also, I have no idea where the conduits went in the Gnome Control
Center! All I get is the "Main" view which has Background, Default
Applications, HTML Viewer, Keyboard, Mouse, Screensaver, Sound, and
Startup Hint. None of those contains pilot-related items.


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