RE: [Evolution] Problems with NFS

On Wed, 2001-09-26 at 16:21, John Graber wrote:

However, I am a bit confused.  Will maildir eliminate this file locking
problem that Evo experiences when downloading mail from a POP server and
storing it in its mbox file in, for example, ~/evolution/local/Inbox?  Why
would Evo lock one one type of file differently than another?
Or are we talking about the same thing?

*I may very well be wrong here, so anyone more knowledgeable than me
should feel free to pipe up here*, but ....

With maildir, there's nothing to lock; all mail resides in its own
files.  You get a new message while deleting a message, it adds a file
and deletes a file ... it doesn't have to lock the file for the new
message to be appended, unlock it, then re-lock it while another message
is deleted.


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