Re: [Evolution] Evo stops fetching

On Wed, 2001-09-26 at 13:24, NotZed wrote:

If you have vfolders setup on any of those folders, its possibly
a vfolder bug i just fixed.

I do have a couple of vfolders.  So I thought I would delete them.  I
right clicked on the vfolder, and selected delete from the menu.  I then
got an error:

"Cannot delete folder:
Generic error"

The folder was still there.

I then went into the vfolder editor, and was successfully able to delete
the folders.

Was this your bug that you just fixed?

I cant pin it down yet, but Evo has quit fetch new mail.  I have 2 IMAP

When I restart Evo, I have a bunch of new mail.  This is similar
behavior that was present with the IMAP filtering problem.

I have seen it with 09250808.  Not sure about previous versions.

Anybody else see this?

I will try to track it down better...

Mike Leckey, Jr.        rml phxlab honeywell com        602.231.1685
Honeywell Engines & Systems                             Phoenix, AZ

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