Re: [Evolution] Problems with NFS

Problems with nfs locking were supposed to have been addressed,
see bug #5095 at:

If these problems still exist, please feel free to reopen that bug.

Brian is correct, maildir uses filesystem properties to get away without
having to do any locking at all.


On Wed, 2001-09-26 at 16:21, John Graber wrote:

However, I am a bit confused.  Will maildir eliminate this file locking
problem that Evo experiences when downloading mail from a POP server and
storing it in its mbox file in, for example, ~/evolution/local/Inbox?  Why
would Evo lock one one type of file differently than another?
Or are we talking about the same thing?

*I may very well be wrong here, so anyone more knowledgeable than me
should feel free to pipe up here*, but ....

With maildir, there's nothing to lock; all mail resides in its own
files.  You get a new message while deleting a message, it adds a file
and deletes a file ... it doesn't have to lock the file for the new
message to be appended, unlock it, then re-lock it while another message
is deleted.


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