RE: [Evolution] Problems with NFS

Thanks much for the info.  I can see that maildir definitely has many

However, I am a bit confused.  Will maildir eliminate this file locking
problem that Evo experiences when downloading mail from a POP server and
storing it in its mbox file in, for example, ~/evolution/local/Inbox?  Why
would Evo lock one one type of file differently than another?

Or are we talking about the same thing?


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On Wed, 2001-09-26 at 15:38, John Graber wrote:
Not at all.  Only went with mbox because that was set up by
default the
first time I used Evo.

I take it by your suggestion that you are saying this will
eliminate this

You betcha.  Maildir breaks the mail into seperate files
rather that one
(easily corruptable) big file.  It's speedier and less of a head ache
from an admin's point of view.  Check out this document at for more info on the


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