Re: [Evolution] Reuse same window

I use the preview pane mostly so I didn't think about this too much at
first but after playing around with it a little I can see Zot's point
here. Netscape 4.7 reuses the same message window, while Mozilla and
Netscape 6 don't and I have to say that if I was going to use the
message window I would not want to have new ones popping up all over the
place. On the other hand it might be useful for some to be able to click
on a bunch of headers and have them all pop up in their own window and
go through them by reading through the stack of windows.

I can already see this being a  problem in my house if I try and move my
wife to evolution from netscape 4.7, she doesn't use the preview pane
and I know that it will drive her crazy if new windows keep popping up
and she constantly has to close them. She doesn't even get a lot of mail
but she still scans the headers and double clicks on the ones she wants
to read first. I never understood it because "I don't do it that way"
but I guess she's not the only one so maybe it's not her and I should
not be so quick to judge.

I would think about this one, if this is also the behavior of Outlook,
that means the largest user base out there, (Netscape 4 and Outlook)
expects this behavior and as with my wife, most people hate too much 


On Fri, 2001-09-21 at 12:28, Zot O'Connor wrote:
You know the responses here are confusing.  I asked about a standard
practice in all other mailers I have used, and I am told to change how
I've used GUI mailers for 7 years...  It is standard window programming
to reuse the same resources if possible. 

On Thu, 2001-09-20 at 23:14, NotZed wrote:

Simple, I have 24 mew message. 3 are important.  I click on the 3 I want

But you can only read 1 at a time anyway.

I mean I click on the messages as I go through them.  I often get 24-30
messages at once and need to read the important ones first.

I'm sure most other people find it far more useful to be able to open up
multiple message windows (by double-clicking or whatever method) rather
than being forced to use one.

I'd have to disagree.  This is the first mailer that I have ever tried
that behaves this way.  Some mailers have an option, but all default to
the reuse method.

You can test this with Netscape or Outlook for example.

So if you have your screen and windows big enough to read a message, and
click on the message list at the same time, why don you just make your 
window bigger?  It contains the same full message as the popup window.

You are assuming alot here.  Most people have 14 inch monitors.  Having
the pane preview in the same window means either a very small message,
or a message list of 5-6 messages.  ON my workstation, I can tweak it,
but on my laptop, or any of the other 3 monitors, it is not.

Most people I watch checking email do this, this include Suits, techs,
and non-techs.  My wife for instance is on several lists, and rather
than learn to sort or filter, she scans the subjects (sometimes she get
90 messages at a mail check). She clicks on the ones she wants as she
goes through the list.  Her monitor was not big enough to have the
preview pane, so she double clicks on the message and pops the note up. 
When I gave her a bigger monitor and showed her the preview pane, she
complained she could not see enough subject lines.  

Our Au Pair does the same in both Pegasus Mail, and Netscape..

Again, I stunned that people do not see this as the norm for windowed
messages (as opposed to the preview pane).  I mean even a cheeseball
destroy window, create new window would work (I swear there was a
version of netscape that did that).

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