[Evolution] attachement crashes evo

using snapshot 2001.

I have got an email containing an attachement that repeatably crashes
evolution inbox when I click on the message in the inbox list to view it
in the preview pane.

steps to reproduce the error:

go to http://www.heise.de/ct/antivirus/emailcheck/

(CT is a german computer magazine, good reputation, cou can trust it)

on the very bottom of this page enter your email address and chose the
"Nimda-Testmail" and then hit the Button "Abschicken"

shortly after you will get an email from emaicheck heise de that asks
you to confirm the sending of the nimda test email. 
Now click on the lower, the longer link in this email to finally get the
troublesome mail send to you

Try to open it -- does it crash the mail component?

interestingly, the other option on the CT web site, the "Skript-Mail"
comes as an atachement too and does not harm evolution in any way

Jens Ansorg

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