[Evolution] Red Carpet Dependency failure on Snapshot.

Just tried to get today's snapshot from red carpet, and I'm getting a
failed dependency on "libpisock.so.4" which is apparently a Pilot Link
library that is currently only available in Mandrake Cooker (At least in
RPM format). I'm a RH 7.1 user, and as such I find that we've got pilot
link's libpisock.so.3.0.1 as the highest version.

Does Ximian plan to package the version 4 of pilot link for those of us
who are trying to track release and stay somewhat stable? I'd rather not
try and lump extra libraries in to maintain varying degrees of
compatibility, that's not smart administration. If you're requiring
version 4, I'll need Ximian to release the pilot link libraries in order
to continue Evolution in my shop (Which is currently tracking beta
versions on all of our workstations) I'm the only one having fun with
all the snapshots :-).

So what's the plan there guys?


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