[Evolution] OFF-TOPIC - Understanding the addressbook and LDAP

I think this might be a bit off-topic.. However.. Since my primary MUA
is going to be evolution, I think its kind of appropriate for this list.
I apologize if not.

I'm having a hard time grasping the capabilities of LDAP. 

My mail is now stored on an IMAP server. I choose IMAP because I can
then use a Web interface and organize multiple boxes in a tree. This
works great for me..

Now comes my problem however.. How to manage my addressbook? I'd like to
only have to maintain a single source for my addresses. Great.. Use
LDAP.. However, if I have multiple users on my little-ol mail server,
how do I handle private/global lists with LDAP. From everything I can
find, LDAP in general appears to be only/more suited for global lists.
Can I have private entries for each of my mail users in the same LDAP
server? Can they be oraganized in a tree? My initial thought is no.
(From what I've read)

Maybe there is a webmail interface that shares a common interface with
evolution? I've looked at the clients on freshmeat and none of them
really go into detail on how they implement the addressbook. Some of
them say LDAP.

Can anyone point me in the correct location? Is anyone working on a
webmail interface for the evolution backend? (I think in the past I've
heard rumblings about such a beast.. But that's been sometime now and I
can't seem to find it)

Thanks for any help you can provide and Kudos on this killer app!

Shawn M Ferris
Oracle DBA - Time Warner Telecom

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