Re: [Evolution] Slow and where's documentation

Is there any cleanup that Evolution can do, rather than the user, to keep
Evolution running fast?

BTW: I have also noticed that if Evolution crashed I have to go thru top and
kill all the evolution processes, before it works correctly agian.  I

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I'm also curious as to why evolution takes a long time to start up.
About 10 secs for each component to highlight in the startup window, and
after that the different components take a similar amount of time to
open on first use. The New Messages window always takes a long time to
open. I never see any disk or CPU usage during the wait, so what is it

ORBIT problems, probably. I notice that, when Evolution gets that slow, if
do (as root):

(close Evo)
rm -rf /tmp/orbit-(my-user-name)

Then Evo speeds up TREMENDOUSLY. Both start up, and widow openings - new
message, reply, etc.
I know that if I *don't* periodically do this, Evo gets very slow.
Especially if I leave X, and then come back into X.

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