Re: [Evolution] Slow and where's documentation

The documentation isn't building properly in the nightly builds, I'm afraid. You can find it in the Evolution source code, or on my website ( although the one on my web page isn't always as up to date as it could be, I'm afraid.

The slowness could be a result of stray processes that are left behind due to refcounting issues.  Try running killev at the command line to terminate stray Evolution processes.  You can also run oaf-slay, which is somewhat extreme (it will interfere with Nautilus and the Palm Pilot tools as well as Evolution) but which resets all object activation framework components.

Try that and see if the performance improves; if it doesn't, consider filing a bug at

Aaron Weber
Ximian, Inc.

PS-- Nice name.  :)

On Mon, 2001-09-17 at 11:55, John Weber wrote:
I recently started using the evolution daily snapshots and now I can't
find a user manual. It seems it was accessible in the help menu on the
main release. Is there a user manual available somewhere? I looked
around on Ximian web site but found none.

I'm also curious as to why evolution takes a long time to start up. 
About 10 secs for each component to highlight in the startup window, and
after that the different components take a similar amount of time to
open on first use. The New Messages window always takes a long time to
open. I never see any disk or CPU usage during the wait, so what is it

John S. Weber
jweber math cudenver edu

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