Re: [Evolution] Evolution 0.13 building on Solaris

I started with gtkhtml whic starts to compile then complains is can't find
-liconv. I'm not sure which packages this comes from though.

-liconv tells the loader (ld) to load from one of it's
paths, which are set in /etc/ or by specifying -L/path/to/lib

So, check if you have on your machine (does Solaris have a
locate equivilent)

On my machine, it's in /opt/gnome/lib, so if I had your prob (I don't,
but I used to) I would edit the Makefile in the directory it died in,
and on each line that mentioned -liconv, I would add -L/opt/gnome/lib
(slightly brute force, but gets the job done)

If you don't have already, you can get it from Ximian's FTP
server (does anyone know where it's home URL is these days, FMII and the
Ximian RPM info point to which doesn't exist

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